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Friday, 20 July 2012 20:35

Click to View Larger... Click to View Larger...Truck Turner (1974) - A 1974 blaxploitation film, starring Isaac Hayes and Yaphet Kotto, and directed by Jonathan Kaplan. The screenplay was written by Michael Allin, Jerry Wilkes and Oscar Williams. Isaac Hayes also scored the music for the soundtrack.

Truck Turner (portrayed by Isaac Hayes) is a former professional football player who becomes a bounty hunter (along with his partner Jerry) in search of a bail-jumping pimp in Los Angeles, California. After a shootout where Truck has to use deadly force to kill the pimp, Turner becomes a marked man and is targeted by hired assassins.

This was a fill-in job for Isaac Hayes that fell in someplace between singing about the bad mother Shaft, and when he was the wise Chef on South Park. I'm not sure where his 3 episode arc as Gandolph Fitch on Rockford Files falls in there.

Video and more photos after the jump...

Truck Turner Trailer

Lt. Uhura Lays Down the Law to her Bitches!

A Scene by Scene Count of the "Kills" in Truck Turner

One of the Classiest Funeral Scenes in Blaxploitation History

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There is something vaguely phallic in this photo...

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They're both prisoners... Of the heart!

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These are not your Father's Rockettes

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I'm 'bout to take care of any Klingons she got on her aft!

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