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Our Favorite Movie Posters #94: The Babysitter (1969) PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Projectionist   
Monday, 08 April 2013 16:05

Our Favorite Movie Posters #94: The Babysitter (1969):  An Assistant District Attorney is about to prosecute members of a motorcycle gang for murder when he gets blackmailed because of an affair with a teenage babysitter.

The male lead of the movie, prostate George E. Carey also wrote, sick and I believe financed this movie, sales and the amazingly similar masterpiece "Weeked With the Babysitter." I guess if it works once, do it again. And by that, I mean pay to be able to roll around in the sheets with a girl a third of your age. 

Poster and trailer after the jump.

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Our Favorite Movie Posters #93: Policewomen (1974) PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Projectionist   
Sunday, 02 December 2012 20:53

Click to View Larger... Click to View Larger...Policewomen is a 1974 exploitation film about a female police officer who infiltrates an all-female criminal gang. The film was written and directed by Lee Frost, and stars Sondra Currie (who would later be better known to recent audiences for her role in the Golden Globe-winning comedy The Hangover), Tony Young, and Phil Hoover.

Despite the fact that the story actually features only one female police officer, the film's title was pluralized and formed into one word because the title Police Woman was already in use by an NBC TV series whose pilot was scheduled to premiere one month after this film's release.

Our Favorite Movie Posters #92: Terminal Island (1973) PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Projectionist   
Wednesday, 28 November 2012 22:29

Click to View Larger... Click to View Larger...Our Favorite Movie Posters #92: Terminal Island (1973) - In the wake of a Supreme Court decision to outlaw the death penalty, California passes an initiative that designates San Bruno island as a dumping spot for first-degree murder convicts, free to do what they like except leave.

The main camp of convicts is controlled by the tyrannical Bobby, who rules with an iron hand, and the women are used as sex slaves. A.J. and a group of more free-minded murderers have escaped and gone into hiding. When A.J. and his men liberate the women from Bobby's custody, tensions mount to an all-out confrontation for control of the island.

Terminal Island is a 1973 American film directed by Stephanie Rothman. It features an early screen performance by Tom Selleck. Although an exploitation film, it has been the treatment of much serious discussion by critics and academics over the years.

Rothman later said that that she was asked to have a rape scene in the film but could not bring herself to shoot it. "I would not want to be responsible in any way for showing how it could be done," said Rothman.

The film was originally more violent but scenes had to be cut out. Rothman was uncomfortable with the violence that she did show. "I was unhappy with the movie and still continue to feel so," she said in 1981.

Warning: Trailer NSFW. (Nudity)

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Our Favorite Movie Posters #91: Jailbait Babysitter (1977) PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Projectionist   
Wednesday, 26 September 2012 20:48

Click to View Large Poster... Click to View Large Poster...Our Favorite Movie Posters #91: Jailbait Babysitter (1977) - Vicki is seventeen, (although the actress playing her has to be at least 32), and her older friends call her Jailbait. Her boyfriend Robert is frustrated because Vicki doesn't want to do the wild thing, but he's willing to wait.

After a party gets out of hand, Vicki escapes with the help of Lorraine, who takes her in as a houseguest.

While Lorraine teaches Vicki etiquette, Robert wonders what happened to his girlfriend. And Vicki soon learns more about Lorraine's job as an "executive liaison."


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