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Sunday, 22 October 2017 13:03

Sunday Night at the Movies: Stacy (1973) - The protagonist is Stacey Hanson (Anne Randall), a private eye and race car driver. She is hired by aging heiress Florence Chambers (Marjorie Bennett) to investigate the close members of her family who live in her mansion. Stacey is to determine whether the members of Florence's family are worthy to be included in her will. They are three: Florence's nephew John (John Alderman), his wife Tish (Anitra Ford), and Florence's grand-niece Pamela (Cristina Raines).


As it happens, all three potential heirs have something to hide. John is a discreet homosexual, Tish is having an affair with the houseboy, and Pamela has dubious friends. Stacey uncovers some family secrets but a greater scandal is about to begin. The scheming houseboy Frank (James Westmoreland) is murdered. Stacey now has to find the identity of the murderer before he/she can kill again. Frank was sleeping with and/or blackmailing nearly all members of the family, so everyone is a suspect.
Stacey's investigation leads to a helicopter and car chase and gunplay.


Be warned, Stacey is an R-Rated explotation flick from the 70s. This means there is plenty of violence, language, and nudity. Don't show it to your kids, unless they're over 18. You have been warned.


We discovered this was available on YouTube soon after we published the movie's poster this afternoon. No telling how long it will be available, we're sorry if it's not still around by the time you read this. It's out of our hands, we didn't publish the movie.



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