Movie Posters if "The Hunger Games" Was Made by Other Directors? Print
Written by The Projectionist   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 13:28

Click to View Larger... Click to View Larger...We know what you're thinking, you're thinking to yourself, "Self, What would the posters for the upcoming blockbuster "The Hunger Games" look like if the movie had been made by other directors?" Well end those sleepless nights bunky, because we know where you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Our friends at HappyPlace have taken all the "clicky-clicky to get more pageviews" bullshit out of an Entertainment Weekly article, and are giving us a one page, scroll the fuck out of it look at "What the movie posters would look like if famous directors made The Hunger Games".

Our favorite, of course, included here to the right, is the Roger Corman poster. We're pretty sure though, Roger would've found a way to get Pam Grier's big brown jugs onto the poster, even though she's not in the movie. Old habits die hard...

Thanks to friend of BBDI Cheryl for the heads up!

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